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Lunch Gifting Initiative

We are passionate about doing business for good. We believe it is well within our reach as a business and as a community to tackle some of the hardest issues our society is facing. One of the prevalent issues in New Zealand is child poverty. Many disadvantaged children can never be sure of receiving three meals a day. That is why an integral part of our business model involves collaborating with schools, communities, families, businesses and individuals.

We believe that we can provide a sustainable, and holistic solution to this need. We also believe that there are many people in our communities who would love to help tackle this problem – but are often not sure how to help effectively.

We aim to be a vehicle for those people to partner with knowing that what they are giving goes towards making a significant difference to children right in their own backyard. 

How can you make a difference?

Txt My Lunch – Gifted Lunches

Txt My Lunch is a school lunch ordering system currently active at 63 schools across the country. This lunch ordering system makes it possible for parents to order their hungry learners ‘meal tickets’ via their cellphone where their child can then redeem said tickets for a healthy, nutritionally balanced lunch. 

Built in to the Txt My Lunch application is also a gifted lunch system that allows anyone in the country; schools, communities, families, businesses, individuals to gift a lunch to a hungry or deserving student.

How does it work? What we like to call ‘pointers’ are set up at at each school, a dedicated person with a general overview of the student population. They receive all gifted lunches and gifts them to a student that stands out from their point of view.

The Txt My Lunch gifted lunch system has seen thousands of healthy, nutritionally balanced lunches, gifted from New Zealand’s unsung heroes. Students in need and deserving have been blessed with a free lunch from complete strangers.

Our goal is to see every student fully fed and fully fed well.

If you would like to gift a lunch to a hungry or deserving student please click here to go to the Txt My Lunch website. If you would like to find out more about Libelle Group and their journey feeding hungry learners click here.

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